The Art of Inspiration©
                                                                                   By Douglas Lake
Doug, an Overlea resident for over 24 years and local business owner, is excited to be introducing The Art of Inspiration to the public.  Doug started this project as a tribute to better health and a new life.  After suffering a heart attack in 2004, Doug made it his goal to heal his heart, body, mind, and spirit.  A teacher of the Martial and Healing Arts, Doug lost over 100 pounds and repaired his heart through T’ai Chi, meditation, running, and improved nutrition.  On the fifth anniversary of his life-changing experience, Doug began producing one piece of art each day for 150 days using his “old school” method of hand drawing and inking each piece.  This demonstration of his dedication and discipline are now available to you.

Doug encourages you to find your inspiration and let your walls tell a story./Users/dad/Music/GarageBand/
Art from the heart
Let The Art of Inspiration Tell Your Story...

  Decorate your home or business
  Perfect for the office
  Words of encouragement
  Great in the kids room
  Spice up that college dorm
  Tell someone how you feel
  Wonderful gift from the heart
Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Retirement, and more.
New AoI Art Cards...Art_Cards.html

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New AoI Art Cards come in packs of 8 with envelopes.  Each card is blank inside and the back of the card has Doug’s inspirational story.  A wonderful gift for the holiday season!Art_Cards.html